from palaces to pigs

Dear Family and Friends,

Helaman 5:34 is an interesting verse.

And it came to pass that the Lamanites could not flee because of the cloud of darkness which did overshadow them; yea, and also they were immovable because of the fear which did come upon them.

Helaman 5, in all, has so much packed into the story of Nephi and Lehi (the brothers, this time). But reading that verse, verse 34, I guess it relates more to real life than I’ve previously thought. The Lamanites can’t “flee” because of darkness. Regardless, we can still move in darkness, it is just hard. We always have the option to get out of the darkness and find the light we desire. (The Hope of God’s Light Mormon Message)  What restricts the Lamanites from actually moving at all is fear. Fear can become paralyzing, and it can halt and weaken hope and faith. But fear is dispelled with prayers, trust, and attitude. Look at life with a positive attitude. Because it’s an adventure to live.

We spent P-Day exploring a summer palace in Bang-Pa In. It was so pretty! Lots of gardens, fancy residences and houses, statues, and flowers. We took our bikes on a songtaw and then rode 30 km up to the palace. Apparently, other missionaries went on the same day we did, but we didn’t see them. But they saw our bikes.

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We literally went from palaces to pigs because the next day, as we biked to teach English at the church, I was just humming along, and then all of a sudden, the fattest pig I’ve ever seen lifted it’s head out of the trash can and I WAS RIGHT NEXT TO IT.

Zone Conference was a blast as always. Since it is Sister ทัก’s last transfer (really sad about that), she didn’t want to wake up at 4 am to drive to Bangkok. So we stayed in a hotel and it was the best decision ever. It has been forever since I’ve had a chocolate croissant for breakfast.

In Zone Conference, President Johnson talked about the history of the Thailand Bangkok Mission (aka The Best Mission). Back in the late 1960s, there was no “Thailand Mission”, but they decided to open it up for teaching. Six missionaries who had been teaching in Hong Kong and Taiwan (so, Chinese speaking) were selected and sent to Bangkok. The ultimate white wash. Two of the missionaries found a woman who spoke English and they began teaching her. She accepted a Book of Mormon in English, and finally decided to read it, was baptized and was one of the main people responsible for helping to translate.

I love the people here, the miracles each day, and the chance to teach. I can’t believe it’s October. I don’t know whether it’s missionary time warp I’m in, or the fact that it feels like summer all year round, but it still feels like I’ve just begun. I love you all!

Madeleine (Sister Powley)

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