the waves and winds still know

Dear Family and Friends,

God chooses us because we choose faith. I’m inching towards the half way point of my mission, a bit surreal, and I’ve hit a point where I’m evaluating the goals I made at the beginning of my mission. Am I becoming the missionary I want to be? We had a mission tour this week and talked about how to better the mission culture and work, which starts with who we are as individual missionaries. We are making a greater effort to ask for referrals.

And we’ve already seen miracles. People are willing to think about who is ready to hear our message. It’s a great way to unify with members, find less active families and members, and really take the time to love the people. I often think of my dad, and how he can just talk to anyone and find a way to have an uplifting conversation. And that’s how it should be with sharing the gospel. It should be natural, looking for the opportunities to find out of love and patience. We may be on the Lord’s time, but that includes the people’s time. We shouldn’t rush our time. Besides, Preach my Gospel says “talk with” not “talk to“. The mission tour also stressed the difference between hastening and urgency. Hastening is sometimes necessary, but not in every situation. Urgency is more out of motivation with love. All in all, it was an amazing mission tour, where I felt a lot of my feelings of missionary work were confirmed, and I am anxious to continue working in this way!

My studies took me to the sword of Laban. Jacob is an interesting book in the Book of Mormon. It’s a lot of reflections of Jacob’s observations with the Nephites, especially with how Nephi tried to establish the culture and raised the people. Jacob was essentially raised by his brother. One of the many things that Jacob writes about Nephi is that he wielded the Sword of Laban in defense of his people. The sword of laban belonged to Laban, someone who posed a real threat to the progression of Lehi’s journey. However, the sword of Laban represents the decision Nephi. Swords in the scriptures often have a lot of symbols, one of which is the spirit. Nephi listened to the spirit and because he did, he obtained the plates, he was trusted by the Lord and only became more converted in the purpose of their journey. And hye made other swords, after this manner. Or in other words, tried to teach his people to be reliant on the Lord. This principle became more evident when I read Mosiah 1:16. All of those things that the Nephites passed down represented ways they were reminded to rely on the Lord.

No matter what kind of trial we are going through, God is still in control. “The waves and winds still know his voice who ruled them while he dwelt below”. Be still my soul.

We had a number in the phone named “Miracle Dude at Tesco”. No name, just that. We called it and a man named สิงทอง (Singtong) answered. He just got out the hospital, but he told us that he wanted to know how Christ could help him in his life. We met him on Friday and he was so open! He walked to church on Sunday and he got a phone call in the middle of the meeting. He told them that he was at church learning about faith and that he didn’t want to be disturbed. After church, he asked how I knew the church was true, and I shared the experience of Joseph Smith and told him I received an answer of peace because I prayed too, and know it’s true. I asked him if he’d read the Book of Mormon and he said yes!

On Tuesday, we had a lot of canceled appointments. We  had some time before we could head back to English preparation. We were sitting outside a member’s house a little disheartened and really hot. But we decided to pray. Sister Pratt asked me to pray and I did, and simply asked if we were supposed to visit the next person or not. After the prayer, we felt peace…but still didn’t know where to go. But I felt like we shouldn’t go there just yet so we invited a bunch of youngins’ to English until we ran out of English cards. Then we went to our last appointment. A neighbor friend was there talking to our investigator and was so interested! We taught him restoration and he had the perfect questions. We prayed with him and he said that he felt good which is something I love hearing! His name is รัก (literally “love”)

We had the best fashion show at English. And P-Day with Sister กาญจนี was awesome!

Madeleine (Sister Powley)

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